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Did you know?
*Every child is born with an innate capacity to learn music.
*Just as with learning a language, the years from birth to age 5 are pivotal -- and irreplaceable! --for learning music. Rich
and purposeful music learning experiences at this age will affect the depth and ease with which kids learn music throughout their lives.
*A person's potential to learn music is at its greatest on the day they are born -- really!
*A deeper understanding of music can bring joy, peace, and a sense of connection to others that lasts a lifetime.

Not your average little kids' music class, South Philly music educator Zach Zaitlin’s Music Play with Zach series is specially designed with the above realities of music learning in mind. Now offering two classes – one baby music class for the littlest learners from birth to ~18 months, and another toddler music class for kids from ~18 months to age 5 – Music Play with Zach will be returning to Lilypad Playspace at 1234 S. Broad Street in Philadelphia Wednesday afternoons this spring starting March 1!

Music Play with Zach is a joyful, research-based immersion experience in the "language of music" that engages the unique cognitive capacity of young children to build understanding of music at this singular period in their development. Much more than just listening to pop, rock, or nursery songs, kids will engage, through games, movement, singing, chanting, and imaginative play, with a rich milieu of music in diverse tonalities, meters, and styles, an experience custom designed to develop in each child a meaningful mental vocabulary of musical sounds, much as they develop a vocabulary and the ability to think in their native language through play and meaningful interactions early in life. This experience serves as a perfect primer/stepping stone to more formal music lessons later on, or just as a wonderful prelude to a lifetime of deeper musical understanding and enjoyment!

Conveniently located on South Broad St., with easy access from various Center City and South Philadelphia neighborhoods including Graduate Hospital, Point Breeze, Passyunk Square, Bella Vista, Queen Village, and more, Lilypad Playspace serves as a wonderful host for Music Play with Zach's current session.

Please email today for more details and to register!

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